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Rio Tesuque low-water-crossing panorama

David Collins

July 31, 2010



When Santa Fe County built a crossing on the old Los Alamos Highway - now County Road 84 in Pojoaque - I documented some of the construction work. In one set of images, I rotated my camera and captured a panoramic view from the lowest part of the crossing.


The images show the original low water crossing, erected in 2007, a string marking the elevation of the new crossing, some Advantage Total Construction Co. vehicles and the detour through which workers directed traffic until the crossing was closed to through traffic from December through March.


The crossing drains a 72 mile area of steep mountain terrain and historically has been a flash-flood area. Nearby residents say earlier construction at the river increased flooding at their homes. The subsequent construciton raised the riverbed at the roadway by about two feet, with the exception of a lowered portion built to the height of original roadway, in the center of the crossing.


The crossing later became the site of controversy when a state legislator at the project ribbon cutting suggested a county employee should use county materials to pave a parking lot at the legislator's church.  The New Mexico constitution prohibits such private use of public resources. A few months later, voters by a very narrow margin re-elected the career politician and speaker of the House who had previously been elected by landslide proportion in often unopposed elections.


I created the panorama image with Hugin, a free panorama stiching software. See the Rio Tesuque crossing in a larger sliding panorama image here.


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