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For businesses, a presence on the Web can be as essential as a name and phone number. And choosing a Web interface can be as daunting as picking a new name for your business. For your public, your Web image says who you are. Like many business people, you might have a full plate managing your day to day commerce and little time to explore all the skills you need to manage your image in a virtual environment.


Don't let a lack of Web skills tarnish your online image. A skilled Web developer lets you control how you appear online. Contact me for more information about how you take charge of your online business.


Sometimes, you might not need a full Web site designed and implemented. Some people contact me to improve and update their existing sites. Developers call me when they need help with backlogged work, to troubleshoot problem sites or to find extra expertise. I also offer one-on-one tutoring in just the skills you need to present a dynamic image online. Contact me today to learn how my Web skills can help your business thrive!


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