Web programming resources


- PSPad

HTML, PHP, HEX editor


- Firebug

Analyze page elements, locate Javascript errors, etc.. 


- Jquery

extensive libraries add programming shortcuts and easy functionality to Javascript


- JavascriptMVC

model-view-controller framework based on JQuery


- Junit

unit testing for Javascript code


- FirePHP

Extension of the Firebug add-on to show PHP debug information on Firebug console. 


- YSlow

Currently another extension of the Firebug add-on to measure page loading times and identify problems that make your pages load slower. 


- Web Developer

Several tools like disabling Javascript, CSS, redirection, clearing browser caches, resizing the browser window to test pages with different sizes, etc..


- User Agent Switcher

Switch the browser identification to test how sites respond to different browsers. 


- HTML Validator

Validate page HTML to help finding page generation errors cause by eventual bugs in the PHP scripts. 


- JavaScript debugger

Run page Javascript code with single step support and ability to show Javascript variable values during debugging. 


- LiveHTTPHeaders

Show page request and response headers.  



Install Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows


- Crossbrowser testing

free or faster paid-access online sessions in Mac, PC, various browsers


-PDF Manipulation

pdftk - Java application can run locally or remotely to manipulate pdf files

pdttk Builder - GUI desktop or portable (USB) application that can manipulate pdf files using pdftk

xpdfrc - exposes various pdf file data (metadata, fonts, permissions)


tcpdf - PHP class for creating pdf documents

FPDF - PHP class for creating pdf documents

PDFlib - server-side PDF manipulation ($1,000+ enterprise with free watermarked demo version)

HTML2PDF -- make PDF files from HTML pages

DomPDF -- another HTML to PDF converter





Basic security

Open Web Application Security Project

Filtering Input with PHP

HTML purifier class