Eye of the beholder


A classic editors’ adage advises journalists to “let the story tell itself.” With network tools now available to anyone who has the ambition to use them, such an honest approach to storytelling is more possible than ever. On the Internet,  we can share data, interviews, images, video and background to provide audiences with unprecedented access to information.


As a public radio reporter in the years before the Internet opened a vast new dialogue, I learned first-hand how a myriad of views can enhance understanding of a subject. When the Internet emerged, I discovered how digital tools empower me to expose more information than the media companies that employed me could to produce in the two-dimensional format of print publications. On the Internet, almost anyone now can work with powerful communication tools once available only to major media.


The links on this page represent a cross-section of some of the work I’ve done during more than 20 years when my interests as a journalist grew into a passion for Web development. Whether you want to better engage your clients in the branded story of your business, you have a story that begs to be told or you are looking for someone to narrate a story for your audience, I invite you to spend some time browsing my clips archive. I’m sure you’ll find new inspiration for telling your story, and perhaps gain confidence in yours truly as a storyteller.


"...the quality of civilization is predicated on the degree to which civil discourse is a fair representation of the world we live in."
-Julian Assange